Offshore wind energy
Generating energy at sea

Wind farms at sea are the key to a successful energy transition. At sea the wind is strong and constant, and there is enough space to build wind farms which have several hundred megawatts of capacity.

However, planning an offshore wind farm makes high demands of the project team: environmental studies, water depth, shipping routes, tides and long distances from the coast make the planning a special challenge. To this, the permitting procedure of offshore wind farms, which in itself can take several years, is also very complex and multifaceted.

Unlike our onshore projects, we typically sell our offshore wind farms "ready to construct"; i.e. we have fulfilled all the prerequisites needed for permitting and the implementation phase can be immediately started followed by the subsequent construction. We are currently working on 13 projects and below you will find a detailed overview of our competences. Some of the offshore projects developed and sold by us have already been realised.

Creating the necessary conditions

Our business model begins with the identification of a suitable area. Extensive surveys of biological, geological, oceanographic and meteorological conditions have to be performed, e.g. relating to marine environment,  wind, waves, currents, and the sea bed floor on which the wind farm will be built. The further planning is based on the results of these studies. 

In order to obtain the authorization to build an offshore wind farm, the project must meet extensive requirements. In coordination with the competent authorities and public agencies, we fulfill the requirements needed to develop the wind farm project to the point that it is ready for construction.

The wind farm is "ready to construct"

At the time of the sale, our offshore wind farms normally meet all the conditions required to immediately begin with implementation stage. The planning is completed, all surveys have been integrated, the sea bed

floor examinations have been completed, the most suitable turbines, foundations and suppliers have been selected and the planning permission and grid connection have been secured. The buyer is therefore able to begin realizing the project right away.

We remain associated with the project even after the sale

After the project sale, we offer the buyer our advice and support and these consultancy services are integrated into various aspects of the realisation and operation phase.

Current Projects
Work in progress

PNE's high level of competence in the offshore segment is reflected by visible successes: Four offshore wind farms, which were developed by PNE and sold after approval was granted, have already been erected and put into operation by the purchasers: "Borkum Riffgrund 1", "Borkum Riffgrund 2" and "Gode Wind 1" and "Gode Wind 2" with a total nominal output of 1,344 MW. 

PNE AG: Overview of the offshore project references as at May 13, 2019:

Sold projects

ZoneProjectsPhaseWPTTotal MW
1Borkum Riffgrund 1878312
1Borkum Riffgrund 2856448
1Gode Wind 1 & 28/855 + 42582
1Gode Wind 3623242
2Atlantis I373584
4HTOD5 (Nautilus II)268476


Of which projects already completed

ZoneProjectsPhaseWEATotal MW
1Borkum Riffgrund 1In operation78312
1Borkum Riffgrund 2In operation56448
1Gode Wind 1In operation55330
1Gode Wind 2In operation42252

Phase 1 = Project identification
Phase 2 = Application conference
Phase 3 = Hearing
Phase 4 = Approval granted
Phase 5 = Grid connection
Phase 6 = Investment decisions
Phase 7 = Under construction
Phase 8 = In Operation