Projects in own operation

We do not sell all the projects we develop. Increasingly, we hold projects in our own portfolio and operate them ourselves. We intend to continue expanding our own portfolio in the future. The goal is to bundle projects with up to 500 MW nominal output in our own portfolio in 2023. These will reliably produce green electricity at various locations and generate sustainable, continuous earnings. This also involves wind farms earmarked for repowering.

Wind farms projects in own operation

  • Wind farms Kührstedt-Alfstedt (43.2 MW)
  • Wind farm Boitzenhagen (25,05 MW)
  • Wind farm Papenrode (22.3 MW)
  • Wind farm Zahrenholz (21.6 MW)
  • Wind farm Gerdau-Repowering (21.6 MW)
  • Wind farm Helenenberg (21.5 MW)
  • Wind farm Kittlitz (17.25 MW)
  • Wind farm Holstentor (13.5 MW)
  • Wind farm Langstedt (8.4 MW)
  • Wind farm Lentföhrden (8.4 MW)
  • Wind farm Neuenwalde (7.2 MW)
  • Wind farm Schlenzer (6.5 MW)
  • Wind farm Pülfringen (6.5 MW)
  • Wind farm Kleinbüllesheim (4.7 MW)
  • Wind farm Laubuseschbach (3 MW)
  • Wind farm Erfeld (2.6 MW)

Summe: 233.3 MW


Projects in own operation

  • Holzheizkraftwerk Silbitz (5.6 MW)
Wind farms in own operation
Wind farms Kührstedt-Alfstedt
Nominal output: 43.2 MW
Turbine manufracturer: Senvion / Siemens
Turbine type: 3.4M114 / SWT-3.2-113
Number of turbines: 13
The "Kührstedt-Alfstedt" wind farm is located in Lower Saxony near the town of Bad Bederkesa. The project received planning permission in 2016 in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) and was commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2017.
Wind farm Gerdau Repowering
Nominal output: 21.6 MW
Turbine manufracturer: Nordex
Turbine type: N131
Number of turbines: 6

At the wind farm in Lower Saxony, six Nordex N131 systems, each with 3.6 MW nominal capacity and a hub height of 99 metres, have been set up. These will replace 13 wind energy turbines, which had been erected from 2001 in this wind farm by the PNE Group. The future average annual power production will be able to cover the power demand of more than 13,500 households. 

Wind farm Schlenzer
Nominal output: 6.5 MW
Turbine manufracturer: GE Renewable Energy
Turbine type: GE 3.2-130
Number of turbines: 2
The "Schlenzer" wind farm is located in Brandenburg and covers the electricity needs of more than 5,800 3-4 person households with two GE 3.2-130 wind turbines.
Wind farm Kittlitz III
Nominal output: 17,25 MW
Turbine manufracturer: Vestas
Turbine type: V126 / V136
Number of turbines: 5
Three Vestas V126 and two Vestas V136 turbines were installed at the "Kittlitz III" wind farm. With different hub heights, they reach a total height of almost 200 metres. The wind farm is located in Brandenburg.
Wind farm Neuenwalde
Nominal output: 7,2 MW
Turbine manufracturer: Nordex
Turbine type: N117
Number of turbines: 2
At the "Neuenwalde" wind farm in the district of Cuxhaven (Lower Saxony), two Nordex N117 wind turbines with a total height of approx. 149 metres were erected within a short time. The turbines have a total nominal capacity of 7.2 MW.