Projects in own operation

We do not sell all the projects we develop. Increasingly, we hold projects in our own portfolio and operate them ourselves. We intend to continue expanding our own portfolio in the future. The goal is to bundle projects with up to 500 MW nominal output in our own portfolio in 2023. These will reliably produce green electricity at various locations and generate sustainable, continuous earnings. This also involves wind farms earmarked for repowering.

Wind farms projects in own operation

  • Wind farms Kührstedt-Alfstedt (43.2 MW)
  • Wind farm Boitzenhagen (25,05 MW)
  • Wind farm Papenrode (22.3 MW)
  • Wind farm Zahrenholz (21.6 MW)
  • Wind farm Gerdau-Repowering (21.6 MW)
  • Wind farm Helenenberg (21.5 MW)
  • Wind farm Wahlsdorf (19.38 MW)
  • Wind farm Kittlitz (17.25 MW)
  • Wind farm Holstentor (13.5 MW)
  • Wind farm Langstedt (8.4 MW)
  • Wind farm Lentföhrden (8.4 MW)
  • Wind farm Neuenwalde (7.2 MW)
  • Wind farm Schlenzer (6.5 MW)
  • Wind farm Pülfringen (6.5 MW)
  • Wind farm Kleinbüllesheim (4.7 MW)
  • Wind farm Laubuseschbach (3 MW)
  • Wind farm Erfeld (2.6 MW)

Summe: 252.68 MW


Projects in own operation

  • Holzheizkraftwerk Silbitz (5.6 MW)