Solar energy on land, roofs or other places

Solar plants can be erected at completely different locations. With regard to the development of solar plants, PNE AG aims at identifying locations at which plants with a capacity of at least 5 MWp are possible. 

During our initial research, we looked closely at many countries worldwide and analysed them in view of possible development conditions for wind or solar plants. In a further phase, we selected countries which we are now approaching in a very focused manner in order to develop solar plants on a greenfield basis or in cooperation with local experts and partners. 

As with our wind energy projects, we sell fully developed solar projects generally also "ready to construct",

i.e. when we have obtained all the necessary approvals to be able to start immediately with the implementation phase and subsequent construction. We carry out the project planning, the purchase of components and also the construction of these solar plants exclusively in cooperation with companies that meet our rigorous selection criteria. 

Even after the sale, we are available to the purchasers of our projects in an advisory capacity and are involved as service providers in various aspects during the realisation and operation phases.