Wind Planning Services
Highest data quality for a guaranteed project success

We accompany the project development to a bankable wind farm. We provide the following services:

  • Site compliance
  • Visualisation/photomontage
  • Wind measurement
  • Rental of measurement technology
  • Validation LiDAR and SoDAR
  • Accredited surveys (energy yield/noise/shadow impact)
  • Site quality report

Further information is available on the website of our subsidiary Pavana.

Energy Supply Services
Increased earnings through optimised electricity marketing

PPA management

The PNE Group performs the following activities as intermediary, consultant and operational manager of PPAs:

  • Arrangement of PPAs based on pre-negotiated contracts
  • Active market observation and management of options
  • Communication with the power purchaser

Benefit from our conditions:

  • No obligation to supply a minimum quantity
  • No liability for damages in case of total failure of a plant
  • No additional security in the form of bank guarantees
  • Repowering opportunities can be exploited through asset swaps
  • Complete freedom of choice between price fixing or spot marketing
  • All conditions are fixed when the agreement is concluded
  • High planning security for a subsequent hedging strategy

Structuring of electricity supply contracts

The PNE Group structures large PPA deals between wind farms, traders and industrial customers and prevents preferential treatment of individual players:

  • Direct price advantages for wind farm operators through volume bundling and preliminary negotiations
  • We always select customers with maximum credit security
  • The PNE Group guarantees industrial customers electricity from German wind energy sources for several years at a fixed price

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Financial Services
Financing concepts to improve investors’ return

The prerequisite for the realisation of a project is the securing of financing. This includes a thorough analysis and the optimisation of the construction and operating costs. Solid and competitive financing concepts are the pillars of project success. Integrity and reliability are decisive factors in the finance business.

Here, our projects benefit from our long-standing cooperation with credit institutions operating worldwide. During the entire project phase, we are responsible for the collaboration with banks and insurance companies and ensure optimum project financing. The profitability calculations and continuous liquidity planning for each and every project are in good hands with us during all planning stages.


  • Procurement of equity and debt financing for the investment
  • New and revised structuring of existing financing schemes

Project sale

  • Preparation of high-quality documentation
  • Monitoring of the project due diligence (DD)
  • Creation of a market approach strategy and its implementation
  • Conducting the contractual negotiations up to conclusion

Economic optimisation

  • Optimisation of the wind farm constellation under economic aspects incl. selection of wind power turbines, O&M concept development and negotiation
  • Review and drafting of the general contractor and project development agreement

Due diligence

  • Complete vendor and buy-side due diligence
Construction management & grid connection
Compliance with and optimisation of budget, time and quality

During the construction phase, our customers and business partners benefit especially from the long-standing experience of the PNE Group. The individual construction phases are coordinated in a precise and targeted manner. We take over the complete construction management and take care of the acceptance of the plant when it is ready for operation. On-schedule completion within the budget and in the best technical quality is our highest priority.

Moreover, we coordinate cooperation with grid operators, experts, different types of service providers, all public authorities and landowners.

Construction services

  • Execution of the wind farm construction work by the general (EPC) contractor up to the commissioning as a turnkey solution
  • Provision of the construction manager (planner/owner’s engineer)
  • Takeover of individual construction sections
  • Coordination & organisation of other necessary engineering and testing services during the construction phase
  • Preparation of the detailed design, tender documents and negotiation
  • Award of construction services & partial performance contracts

Grid services

  • Preparation of grid concepts and connection solutions
  • Planning and execution of the complete electrical infrastructure up to commissioning
  • Planning and erection of transformer stations
  • Owners of transformer stations
Operational management & optimisation
Optimisation of operative performance in the operating phase

The PNE Group also takes over the technical and commercial operations management of wind farms and solar plants. This includes, on the one hand, continuous monitoring and, on the other, the coordination of maintenance and repair work. In total, we manage over 750 wind power turbines with a total of 1.6 gigawatts of installed capacity and ensure yield-oriented and cost-efficient operation.

As a specialist for technical and commercial management of wind farms, we offer the complete service package for the operation of wind power turbines. Our full-service concept includes comprehensive support of transformer stations, testing and planning of grid connections as well as all activities related to the ongoing operation of wind power turbines.

We take on overall responsibility for your plants and relieve you as the operator. Through continuous potential analyses, we increase the profitability of your wind farm. In addition to the technical analysis, we carry out an operating cost and marketing analysis, identify optimisation potential and ensure the proper implementation of measures.

You gain an optimisation of the yield, a reduction of your administrative expenses as well as a minimisation of maintenance costs with simultaneous maximum availability of your wind power turbines.

Further information is available on the website of our subsidiary energy consult.

Technical tests & services
Better safety, better quality, better performance of your wind farm

Technical inspections

In the course of on-site inspections, our experts can detect possible damage at an early stage, avoid downtimes and increase plant availability. This reduces the risk of considerable repair costs, loss of earnings and safety-related complaints. We also check your plant for technical defects before the end of the warranty and document these for a defect report to the manufacturer or supplier.

  • Receipt of the operating licence
    • Recurring tests of wind power turbines
    • Continued operation report (post-EEG)
    • DGUV V3 tests, safety inspections
    • Grid protection test
  • Operating safety
    • On-site plant inspections (semi-annual/annual)
    • Preparation of test reports & technical checks
    • Inspection of PPE, lifting equipment, service lift systems and fall-arrest devices
  • Maintenance of the technical condition
    • Check of the blade angles, nacelle orientation, LiDAR measurements
    • Video endoscopy of gearboxes, thermographic measurements, etc.      
    • Wind and emission protection measurements (noise, shadow)

Further information is available on the website of our subsidiary energy consult Prüfgesellschaft.

Technical services

As a specialist in safety when working at height, the PNE subsidiary MEB Safety Services offers a wide range of services to ensure the safety of your employees and equipment. This includes the following services:

  • Survey after commissioning and inspection before the end of warranty
  • Maintenance of operating equipment (safety harnesses, PPEaF, lifting equipment, winches and service lift systems)
  • Installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems as well as of obstruction lighting systems
  • Preparation of rescue concepts and hazard analyses concerning the workplace with risk of falling
  • Training offers for all topics relevant to occupational safety in the wind power industry

Further information is available on the website of our subsidiary MEB Safety Services.

Repowering & Continued Operation
Increased yield through more powerful wind turbines at existing locations or continued operation

Like all technical facilities, wind farms have a specific useful life. The normal run-time is about 20 years, after which many operators are faced with the question: dismantling, new construction or continued operation without the support by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)? We support you in developing different scenarios and will find – in cooperation with you - the best option for your wind farm.


One option is repowering, i.e. replacing older models by newer and more efficient wind power turbines. In the course of repowering, surveys are re-examined and the approval procedure is repeated as a matter of routine. Then the cycle can begin anew. By way of repowering, the generation of electricity can be multiplied with a lower number of wind power turbines.

We provide the following services:

  • Analysis of repowering possibilities
  • Securing the locations
  • Determination of the optimum wind power turbine and turbine site (micrositing)
  • Securing the grid connection
  • Obtaining approval under the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)
  • Winding-up of the existing wind farm

Continued operation

In order to continue operating a wind farm, a legal and technical examination of the requirements is necessary.

Your advantages:

  • Post-EEG optimised marketing of electricity though PPAs/direct marketing
  • Minimisation of operating costs through customised maintenance and repair concepts
  • Specialised operations management with a view to wind farm-specific earnings/operating cost structure