Wind power in the right place

Do you have a plot of land you would like to use for wind energy?

With a total realized output of more than 3,700 MW wind power in several countries, PNE has extensive expertise in the realisation of wind farm projects.

Acquisition of projects and wind farms

The development of wind farm projects and repowering are associated with risks and uncertainties. Some developers or wind farm operators are therefore looking for a strong partner.

Here, too, the PNE Group is ready for partnership-based solutions or the acquisition of projects or wind farms.

How you benefit from a partnership with the PNE Group

Wind energy projects are complex plans that raise numerous technical, managerial and legal questions. In our departments we bundle the expertise required to implement these plans successfully.

From surveys to building permits, we agree every step with the authorities, political organisations and communities involved. All this costs time and money. We see it as a good investment.

Once all the obstacles to building the wind farm have been overcome, the next steps are initiated, from the construction of the foundations and access roads to the transportation of individual components and the installation of the turbine house and rotors. It goes without saying that we select only the latest technologies and give preference to local companies and tradespeople.

Once construction work on the wind farm is complete, we ensure that the wind farm will be operated continuously in the long term.

This partnership doesn't change anything for the land owner. He will still be working with professionals. In most cases, the technical and commercial management of the wind farm remains in our hands. This means we maintain our direct connection with the wind farm and can help determine its rhythm.

Once the wind farm has exhausted its full potential, the wind power station is dismantled. It can then be used in one of two ways: firstly, the area can be returned to its original state and used that way. Alternatively, a more modern wind power station with a higher capacity can be built, a process known as repowering. In this instance, surveys and permits have to be applied for and obtained all over again; the process is repeated. Here too, the PNE Group ensures that everything is perfectly coordinated.


Close cooperation on site

Staff at the PNE Group have been planning wind farms since 1990. Our goal is to realise our Staff at the PNE Group have been planning wind farms since 1990. Our goal is to realise our projects in close collaboration with the local authorities, landowners and local communities.  in close collaboration with the local authorities, landowners and local communities.

This is because wind power stations not only protect the climate, they also offer numerous benefits for the local economy:

Local advantages:
  • Communities profit from the trade tax income, as at least 70% flows to the municipality where the wind farm is located. The remainder goes to the municipality where the operator's management is based.
  • Preference is given to local companies when awarding building contracts in order to strengthen local added value in the long term.
  • Compensatory measures are put in place for the use of communal territory, e.g. for building roads or laying cables.
  • The leasing income from the land used for the wind power stations usually stays in the region and strengthens local buying power.
  • Citizens can enjoy attractive returns on investment by purchasing a stake in a wind farm.

Our staff are experts in wind energy and act as competent, experienced partners during all phases of your project. We offer local communities and utility companies various opportunities for cooperation and would be delighted to help you realise your wind farm project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or already have clear ideas.

Your contact:
Nicole Junge
Secretary Project Development 
Tel: +49 4721 718 278

Partner for Planners

We develop projects together with you

Owing to our extensive experience in the difficult business of wind farm project development, we can act as a partner for other developers and all those who are planning with wind power. We will acquire projects that are already under development or we can help as a partner to complete the remaining steps to finalization together. In this field as well, our objective is to expeditiously complete all of the further steps up to commissioning and to achieve the successful implementation of such projects.

Until a wind farm is approved, there are many uncertainties that can delay the project and lead to rising costs. The legal requirements for onshore wind farms in Germany have exacerbated the uncertainties even more.

Should you as a wind farm developer decide to sell the rights in a project started by yourself, we are the people to contact.

Your contact:
Jens-Ulrich Biermann
Acquisition National Onshore
+49 4721 718 730

Management in Europe

As soon as a wind or solar farm is connected to the electricity grid and put into operation, it should generate electricity reliably and efficiently throughout its life. For this, the project has to be in technically perfect condition all the time. From a management viewpoint, there are also financial and tax-related aspects that have to be considered.

The PNE Group has been successfully operating numerous wind farms in Germany and abroad since 1991.

During this time, we have worked together with almost all the renowned manufacturers and built up a long-term client base that draws on our services both in Germany and overseas.

Our extensive expertise and short reaction times make us exceptionally available and ensure your wind farms will be profitable.


Attractive and responsible investments

Investments in renewable energies support climate protection and are also attractive. Ecological responsibility and business performance consequently go hand in hand.

The PNE Group has been developing and selling onshore wind farms since 1990 - in Germany and abroad. We insist on the highest standards of quality, transparency and integrity and attach great importance to competent long-term partnerships. Our wind farms are all high-quality projects planned and realised responsibly with a wealth of experience going back around 25 years.

The purchasers of our wind farms include institutional investors, energy suppliers, investment companies and international concerns such as Allianz, EnBW, Ørsted, Brookfield, the CHORUS Group and KGAL.

International partnerships

Strong partners, political dependability

Globalisation is an important part of our corporate strategy. We are active in a growing number of countries on several continents. This lack of dependence on individual markets reduces our business risk. Essential factors for entry into new markets include a high degree of political stability and cooperation with well-connected local partners.