Windfarms in own operation

We do not sell all of the wind farms we develop. Some of them we hold in our own possession and operate them by ourself. They are reliably producing green electricity at various locations and generate sustainable income. Some of these wind farms shall be repowered in the future.

Projects in own operation:

  • Wind farms Kührstedt-Alfstedt
  • Wind farm Laubuseschbach
  • Wind farm Gerdau-Schwienau
  • Wind farm Pülfringen
  • Wind farm Erfeld

In the years 2014 until 2016, for the first time PNE Group bundled wind farms into a portfolio. This wind farm portfolio with total 142 MW was sold in 2016. Now we will bundle a new portfolio: Until 2020 a new European wind farm portfolio (Portfolio 2020) shall be realized. The Portfolio 2020 is planned with

German und French wind farms with up to 200 MW total nominal output. The first wind farms for Portfolio 2020 have already be realized: “Kührstedt/Alfstedt” in Lower Saxony with 43,2 MW is in operation since end of 2016. 

Windparks Kührstedt-Alfstedt
Nominal output: 43,2 MW
Turbine manufacturer: Senvion / Siemens
Turbine Type: 3,2M114 / SWT-3.2-113
Number of turbines: 13
The "Kührstadt-Alfstedt" wind farms are locted in Lower Saxony near Bad Bederkesa. The project received planning permission pursuant to the Federal Emission Control Act (BlmSchG) in 2016 and was commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2017.lfstedt" in Lower Saxony with 43,2 MW is in operation since end of 2016.