Accelerating growth.


With our future-oriented strategy, we are optimally prepared for upcoming challenges in the future market.

Scale up.

Strategic expansion to a Clean Energy Solutions Provider.

In 2017, we launched "Scale up" to make the company fit for the future and develop it into a Clean Energy Solution Provider, a provider of clean energy solutions. With this programme, we have transferred our expertise from the successful development, project planning and realisation of onshore and offshore wind farms to other fields. 

Solutions: Provide clean energy solutions
Core: Growth in core business
Adapt: Optimisation of structures
Leverage: Leverage our expertise
Expand: Expand along the value chain

At the end of 2022, we already achieved or exceeded the key targets for 2023 set out in our "Scale up" corporate strategy. The operating business was placed on a significantly broader basis both nationally and internationally in order to establish PNE as a specialist in photovoltaic projects and a broadly positioned provider of clean energy solutions, in addition to being a specialist in wind energy. In addition, we have expanded our service offering and entered new markets and technologies. The transformation of our business model is complete.

Scale up 2.0.

Our targets until 2027.

With "Scale up 2.0", we are starting the next phase of the company's development in 2023: In the coming years, we will continue to expand and extend our proven and successful business model. We want to improve in all areas. We plan to invest over EUR 1.6 billion in our generation portfolio by 2027 and to make further investments in new markets and technologies.

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> 150  € Mio. p.a.

EBITDA target

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1.500  MW/MWp

Own generation portfolio

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> 3.500  MW/MWp

Under management in O&M

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> 20.000  MW/MWp

Project pipeline

Own generation portfolio.

Massive expansion of our own electricity generation.

We want to continue to build up and expand our own generation portfolio from our own project development. In the areas of onshore wind energy and photovoltaics, we want to increase our own electricity generation capacity to up to 1,500 MW/MWp in operation and under construction (1,000 MW onshore wind energy, 500 MWp PV). The markets for this are Germany, France and Poland as well as Italy and Spain, the last two countries exclusively PV. We want to continuously optimise all our plants in order to ensure high technical availabilities and a stable earnings structure as well as to sell green power at the best possible prices.

Project pipeline.

Driving project development forward

The project pipeline will grow in the areas of onshore and offshore wind energy and PV. The number of greenfield and repowering projects is to be massively increased. We are also pushing ahead with the development of offshore wind energy projects abroad. We want to create opportunities to expand the project pipeline through hybrid projects. "Hybrid projects" are combinations of wind energy or PV plants and manufacturing plants for new technologies such as power-to-X or e-fuels. By 2027, our project pipeline is expected to have grown to over 20 GW/GWp, of which approx. 10 GW in onshore wind energy, approx. 8 GWp in PV and 2 to 3 GW in offshore wind energy.

Future technologies.

Integrating new technologies.

The PNE Group is in an optimal position to develop combinations of renewable energies with power-to-X and energy solutions. Our focus is on commercial and economically sustainable projects in promising markets. We strengthen our commitment to future technologies such as: 

  • projects for power-to-liquid (e.g. e-fuels such as methanol, ammonia and kerosene)
  • projects for power-to-gas (hydrogen as an alternative to the electricity market)
  • storage (e.g. battery storage)
  • renewable energy power plants / island solutions
  • power-to-heat solutions for the replacement of old power plants.

We have launched initial developments in South Africa, Germany and Poland. We are evaluating further projects in Spain and Canada.


Projects in operational management.

Services of all kinds.

We manage the entire life cycle of a project and aim to become one of the leading operational management companies in Europe. Along with this, the volume of wind energy and PV projects for which we provide our services is expected to grow from the current 2,500 MW (in 11/2022) to over 3,500 MW. We intend to provide additional services in the areas of

  • marketing of electricity, gas and heat from clean energies
  • optimisation of wind and PV projects
  • life cycle management of projects
  • engineering services, e.g. stand-alone solutions from clean energies both in Germany and internationally.