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power production

We hold more and more onshore wind farms and photovoltaic systems in our own portfolio and operate them ourselves. As a result, we are developing into a significant independent power producer.

Development into an international Independent Power Producer (IPP).

We do not sell all the projects we develop. In electricity generation, PNE is aiming at a significant expansion of the own-operation portfolio. We hold more and more onshore wind farms and photovoltaic systems in our own portfolio and operate them ourselves. As a result, we are developing into a significant independent power producer. Our own systems reliably produce green electricity at various sites and generate sustainable, continuous income. We generate revenues and stable results at a high level and can thus reduce the usual fluctuations in the income from our project business. In addition, we are making an important contribution to the energy transition and towards supply security around the world.

Own generation portfolio of PNE.

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370  MW

Nominal capacity of the company's own renewable energy plants currently in operation.

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695  GWh

Green electricity produced by our own wind farms in 2023.

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supplied 3-person households whose average consumption was covered by green electricity in 2023.

Own generation portfolio.

Expansion to 1,500 MW/MWp by 2027.

Throughout our strategic further development, we are continuously expanding our own operations portfolio from our project development. This is a further step in the implementation of our corporate strategy "Scale up 2.0"

In the areas of onshore wind energy and photovoltaics, we want to increase our own electricity generation capacity by 2027 to up to 1,500 MW/MWp in operation and under construction (1,000 MW onshore wind energy, 500 MWp PV). The markets for this are Germany, France and Poland as well as Italy and Spain. In Italy and Spain, we exclusively provide photovoltaic projects. Our project pipelines in the relevant markets offer the potential to achieve this portfolio expansion entirely by developing our own projects. We additionally focus on the continuous optimisation of all plants in order to ensure high technical availabilities and an optimised yield structure.

Goal: 2027
1.500 mw/mwp
281,3 MW
under construction
369,8 MW
in operation

All projects at a glance.

Our projects in own operation.

Type of project Country Total capacity in MW Type of WTG WTG Commissioning
Langstedt A Germany 8.40 Vestas V150 2 2021
Adensen Germany 3.45 Vestas V126 1 2022
Boitzenhagen Germany 25.05 Vestas V136 / Vestas V126 7 2021
Erfeld Germany 2.60 AN-Bonus AN 1,3 2 2002
Gerdau-Repowering Germany 21.60 Nordex N131 6 2018
Gnutz West I Germany 8.40 Vestas V150 / Vestas V136 2 2022
Groß Oesingen-Steinhorst Germany 32.40 Nordex N131 9 2022
Helenenberg I Germany 6.50 Nordex N60 5 2000
Helenenberg II Germany 12.00 Südwind S70 8 2001
Helenenberg III Germany 3.00 Südwind S70 2 2002
Holstentor Germany 13.50 Nordex N149 3 2021
Kittlitz III a Germany 17.25 Vestas V126 / Vestas V136 5 2019
Kleinbüllesheim I Germany 4.70 Enercon E92 2 2020
Kührstedt-Alfstedt Germany 43.20 Senvion 3.2M114 / Siemens SWT-3.2-113 13 2017
Kuhstedt II Germany 22.00 GE 5.5-158 4 2022
Laubuseschbach Germany 3.00 Fuhrländer MD70 2 2002
Lentföhrden Germany 8.40 Vestas V150 2 2021
Mansbach Germany 28.50 Nordex N149 5 2023
Neuenwalde Germany 7.20 Nordex N117 2 2019
Pülfringen I Germany 1.30 AN-Bonus AN 1,3 1 2001
Pülfringen II Germany 5.20 AN-Bonus AN 1,3 4 2002
Schlenzer Germany 6.50 GE 3.2-130 2 2019
Wahlsdorf Germany 19.38 GE 3,2 6 2022
Zahrenholz Germany 21.60 Nordex N131 6 2021
Papenrode Germany 19.00 AN Bonus 1300/62 13 2019
Kuhstedt Repowering Germany 1.60 Enercon E-53 2 2023
Hassendorf Germany 2.50 DeWind D6 2 2023
Hamwarde Germany 11.40 Nordex N149 2 2023
Stuvenborn Ia Germany 10.20 Vestas V150 / Vestas V136 2 2023
Heitzelberg Germany 5.50 GE-158 1 2024
30 Projects 1 Country 375.33 MW

Cooperation with PNE.

Project acquisition.

The development of wind farm projects and repowering are associated with risks and uncertainties. Some developers or wind farm operators are therefore looking for a strong partner. Here, too, we as a group have a great interest in partnership solutions or also in project or wind farm acquisition.

Feel free to contact us to discuss possible collaborations. 


PNE-Ansprechpartner Jonas Klatt
Head of Department Repowering
Jonas Klatt