Power Purchade Agreements (PPAs).

Market generated electricity in the best possible way.

The correct marketing of the electricity generated from renewable energies plays a key role in the economic viability and success of a wind farm or PV system. By concluding electricity supply contracts, also known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), plant operators are able to enter into both short-term and long-term agreements with electricity consumers. Regardless of fluctuations on the electricity market, stable and predictable income can thus be guaranteed to create planning security.

PPA as a service.

Attractive electricity prices for your wind farm or PV system.

Negotiating and concluding PPAs requires a high level of electricity market expertise. This includes a thorough analysis of market conditions, consideration of price volatility and assessment of risks. With its "PPA as a service", PNE offers comprehensive support for renewable energy operators to provide them with financial hedging opportunities including in volatile market phases.

PNE acts as an intermediary and provides support, among other things, in the search for suitable marketers and in the conclusion of pre-negotiated contracts. As a link between the plant operator and the electricity purchaser, PNE contributes to realising attractive conditions even for smaller renewable energy projects. The strong network and volume of PNE in the electricity market enables it to support customers in implementing their renewable energy targets.


Our brokered PPAs.

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Electricity supply contracts under the EEG.

Maximum flexibility for renewable energy plant operators.

For many wind farms, state subsidies under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) will expire in the coming years. Many operators are asking themselves whether it will be possible to continue to operate economically. Together with selected marketers, we have developed Power Supply Agreements (PPAs) that are designed to meet the flexibility requirements of operating de-subsidised systems. This ensures the continued operation of your old systems for a period of several years. If repowering is an option, this time can be used to obtain all the necessary permits.

Due to the increased market prices, new systems and plants that are still receiving EEG tariffs can also benefit from PPAs. We offer EEG wind farms the opportunity to secure potential additional revenues for the coming quarters or years. The tailor-made design of the PPAs gives you predictability in planning for the (continued) economic operations of your systems.

Electricity market expertise for sustainable goals.

Our contracts.

We design our PPAs flexibly in consultation with the plant operators. We have summarised some of the main features for you here:

  • No obligation to deliver a minimum volume
  • Contract can be terminated without obligation to pay damages when using repowering options
  • No liability for damages in case of a total failure of the plant
  • No additional collateral in the form of bank guarantees
  • Fixed electricity purchase prices can also be paid in hours with negative prices and redispatch

For systems still receiving EEG subsidies, a basic distinction can be made between three hedging variants:

  • Supplementary fixed price regulations as part of the market premium model
  • Switch to other direct marketing
  • Conclusion of a financial hedging solution

PPAs must be agreed as a prerequisite for the financing of large-scale ground-mounted photovoltaic projects. PPAs for PV projects have some special features:

  • longer maturities: usually more than 10 years
  • coordination with project financing
  • higher relevance of the buyer's credit risk
  • longer-term assessments of price and volume risks

Working with PNE.

Your benefits from working with PNE.


Determining the right time to set prices and keeping a close eye on the electricity markets requires a lot of time and know-how - save yourself the time-consuming competence building process


Remain flexible with PNE's standardised contracts (includes option to terminate due to major damage and repowering)

Attractive conditions

Benefit from PNE's connections and volume on the electricity market through attractive conditions

Time and cost savings

Gain access to experts from e.g. the energy industry as well as energy and contract law to save your organisation costs and time

PNE-Ansprechpartner Nils Kompe
Nils Kompe
Head of Energy Supply Services & PPA Management