Energy solutions for industry.

For the green transformation of your company.

Especially for companies in the manufacturing and chemical industries, logistics and commerce, as well as for municipalities, the switch to green energy is becoming an increasingly urgent challenge - especially because sustainable products are becoming more and more important to customers. As an international, experienced developer of renewable energy projects, we have a clear goal: we want to ensure a secure, climate-neutral energy supply in Europe and around the world. 

We can help you to make a successful and safe transition to a CO2-free future, despite increasingly difficult energy procurement and confusing regulations. Together with our clients, we find tailored solutions that are also financially viable in the long term. Such solutions can be just photovoltaic and wind energy systems, or they can include storage and power-to-X technologies. such as heat and cold conversion. We are also happy to plan for a phased transition or for growth. 

Power-to-X technologies.

Energy solutions to decarbonise industry.

Power-to-X technologies include: 

  • Power-to-Gas (PtG, P2G)
  • Power-to-Heat (PtH, P2H)
  • Power-to-Liquid (PtL, P2L)

In a climate-friendly way, power-to-gas can be used to produce green hydrogen, green methane (natural gas, so to speak) or green ammonia, and power-to-liquid can be used to produce green kerosene, green methanol or even diesel and petrol. The basis for this is always the production of hydrogen by means of electrolysis. 

PPA as a service.

We also provide support with electricity marketing.

With its "PPA as a service", PNE offers comprehensive support for renewable energy operators to provide them with financial hedging opportunities including in volatile market phases. As a link between the plant operator and the electricity purchaser, PNE contributes to realising attractive conditions even for smaller renewable energy projects. 

PNE acts as an intermediary and provides support with electricity marketing, among other things, in the search for suitable marketers and in the conclusion of pre-negotiated contracts. 


PNE as a strong partner.

Another option is strategic cooperation in project development. In this, PNE and industry partners in a region jointly advocate for increased land use designation. Together we ensure a secure and plannable energy supply from the region. 

Dr. Carsten Bührer
Head of New Technologies