Creating value from soil.

Extract from our current projects.

Our partners benefit from our global experience, which we bring to local projects, and which allows us to guarantee the highest quality and absolute reliability. 

Extract from our current projects.

We don't just devise visions, we implement them.

PNE is one of the most experienced project developers in the field of renewable energies. We are familiar with the global market as well as the local concerns and hopes of all stakeholders since the start of the energy transition. That is why we care particularly about transparent communication with all parties during all phases of the project. Impressive performance is only possible where all partners can be relied upon. 

At PNE, we not only have the vision of a 100 percent climate-neutral energy supply, we also have the economic robustness, strategic strength and technical know-how needed to implement it. We have the power to make the vision of global clean energy supply a reality.

Do you own land? We can check out the options available to you.

Our top priority in all our renewable energy projects is cooperation based on trust. Find out more about the benefits of a partnership with PNE, a potential project process and further information about a cooperation.