Global project planning expertise for onshore wind energy.

Onshore wind energy.

PNE is one of the most experienced project developers in the field of renewable energies. We are familiar with the global market as well as the local concerns and hopes of all stakeholders since the start of the energy transition. That is why we care particularly about transparent communication with all parties during all phases of the project. 

We are the partner at your side throughout the entire value chain of a wind farm. Our highest priority is finding an optimal solution in the interest of all parties involved, such as landowners, municipalities, investors and service providers. To achieve this, we build on extensive experience, a broad network across many markets and far-reaching know-how in the various implementation stages. 

With PNE, clean energy is more than just a vision.

Our extensive experience in national and international projects has familiarised us with the different approval processes at home and abroad and enabled us to develop viable solutions. We submit the building application and obtain all necessary permits.

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realised wind onshore

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> 1.750 

realised turbines onshore


Do you have land for wind energy?

Our top priority in all our renewable energy projects is cooperation based on trust. Find out more about the benefits of a partnership with PNE, a potential project process and further information about a cooperation. 

From development to the finished wind farm.

Site analysis and land securing: the basis for a successful project.

Site selection plays a key role for the economic success of a wind farm. We analyse the site conditions, prepare wind measurements and yield forecasts, provide wind, shadow flicker and noise emission reports and commission environmental impact assessments. Landowners, residents, municipalities and local authorities often have conflicting interests. During project development, we work as closely and transparently as possible with all stakeholders in order to achieve the broadest possible acceptance and find the optimal solution for each individual case. Do you have space? We can check out the options available to you. Get in touch with us.

Financing security for the economic success of a wind farm.

Securing funding is a key part of any project. A thorough analysis of the construction and operating costs is required; this also has to take into account the legal and technical requirements. Our projects benefit from our long-standing cooperation with internationally operating credit institutions. We coordinate with banks, insurance companies and other decision-makers throughout the project to ensure optimal project financing. The profitability calculations and continuous liquidity planning for each project will be in good hands with us during all planning stages.

Construction management and grid connection.

Particularly during the construction phase, our customers and business partners benefit from the many years of experience of our team. We ensure that all the necessary requirements for the delivery, construction and commissioning of the wind turbines are met on schedule. In this context, we take care of the planning and construction of the access road, crane parking areas and cable routes to the grid connection point and erect a transformer station where necessary. In addition, we coordinate cooperation with grid operators, experts, varied service providers, as well as all public authorities and landowners. Different federal states and countries have varying building regulations and health and safety rules that must be observed and implemented. 

Repowering: individual models for wind farm operators.

The run-time of wind farms is 20 years; afterwards, older models may be replaced by newer ones with a higher capacity, a process known as "repowering". The generation of electricity can be multiplied with a reduced number of wind turbines. During repowering, the survey is again examined and the approval procedure repeated as a matter of routine. Issues relating to planning law, social interests, the dismantling of old turbines and various economic aspects make repowering a very complex task and require a high level of experience in the project planning of wind farms. We agree individual models with each repowering partner. This ranges from the sale of a wind farm to the distribution of shares in a new repowered wind farm.

Power-to-x technologies.

Our energy solutions.

In addition to the project development of wind and photovoltaic projects, we are also increasing our commitment to power-to-X technologies, green hydrogen and other energy solutions. 

  • projects for power-to-liquid (e.g. e-fuels such as methanol, ammonia and kerosene)
  • projects for power-to-gas (hydrogen as an alternative to the electricity market)
  • storage (e.g. battery storage)
  • renewable energy power plants / island solutions
  • power-to-heat solutions for the replacement of old power plants.

Services after Comissioning.

Our services.

We'll be with you even after your wind farm has been successfully implemented. Within the PNE Group, we offer our customers all services along the life cycle of a wind farm.

For Planer and developer.

PNE as a strong partner.

Our extensive experience in the demanding wind farm project planning area enables us to act as a reliable partner not just for our own projects, but also for other project developers. We can look after projects that are already underway or provide support as a cooperation partner in the remaining steps up to the final completion of a project. We can work on projects that are already in development, or help out as a cooperation partner during the remaining steps of a project until completion. 

We look forward to working together to make a project a success. Furthermore, we at PNE are interested in acquiring realized wind farms in order to optimise them or for repowering. Repowering a wind farm project in particular involves risks and imponderables. But here too, we at PNE are there for you with partnership solutions or project and wind farm acquisition.

PNE-Ansprechpartner Rolf Bungart
Dr. Rolf Bungart
Project Development Onshore National