New potential for old wind farms.

Repowering of wind turbines.

The operating life of wind farms is around 20 years, after which older models can be replaced with more powerful wind turbines, known as repowering. Power generation can be multiplied with a reduced number of wind turbines.

In the course of repowering, new expert reports are prepared and the approval procedure is carried out taking into account the existing wind turbines. Planning law issues, community interests, the dismantling of old wind turbines and a wide variety of economic aspects make repowering a very complex task and require a high level of experience in the project planning of wind farms. We agree upon a customised model with each repowering partner. This includes everything from the sale of a wind farm to the division of shares in a new repowered wind farm.

By repowering wind farms, we have the opportunity to make our contribution to the energy transition and harmonise ecology and economy.

Good reasons for repowering.

Why does repowering make sense?

  • Yield increase on existing area - more electricity yield with fewer wind turbines!
  • Proven and established locations will be retained!
  • Good planning conditions - repowering procedures can be implemented more quickly!
  • Regional value creation in the region - participating municipalities receive a subsidy of 0.2 cent per kilowatt hour generated!
  • Independence in energy supply - the expansion of regional power generation is growing!


Repowering economically attractive for wind farm owners.

Why build a new wind farm when the existing one is still making a profit? Our repowering concepts are economically convincing. We work with the latest technologies and also face up to the challenges of the current political situation in the federal states and local authorities.

Find out more about the benefits of a partnership with PNE and have your area inspected without obligation.

Cooperation with PNE.

Working together for repowering.

The development of wind farm projects, as well as repowering, is associated with risks and uncertainties. Some developers or wind farm operators are therefore looking for a strong partner. Here, we as a group are also very interested in partnership-based solutions or the purchase of projects or wind farms.

Feel free to contact us to discuss possible cooperations.  

PNE-Ansprechpartner Jonas Klatt
Jonas Klatt 
Head of Department Repowering