Operation of wind farms after 20 years.

Continued wind farm operations without EEG subsidies.

Like all technical facilities, wind farms have a specific useful life. With a system service life of around 20 years, this question arises for many operators: dismantling, new construction or continued operation without EEG subsidies? We assist you in developing different scenarios to find the best option for your wind farm together with you.

Timely inspection of the wind turbine.

Continued operations report.

We prepare complete and independent expert reports for the safe and legally sound continued operation of your wind turbine with a service life of more than 20 years. As a result, you can determine the time period for continued operations of your project or system.

For continued operations, the PNE subsidiary energy consult offers adapted operations management contracts, which keep things flexible for operators. 

Effective electricity marketing for de-subsidised wind turbines.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

In addition to the discontinuation of the EEG subsidy, plant operators are exposed to fluctuating market prices in direct marketing. This can lead to liquidity bottlenecks and jeopardise continued operations.

Our PPA contracts are designed flexibly and tailored directly to your wind energy system. Learn more about our contract design and your benefits.

More power, fewer plants.

Repowering as an alternative to continued operations.

If continued operations are not economically attractive, we can also support you in the repowering of your wind farm. This measure is based on renewed investigation of the expert opinions, and the approval procedure is routinely carried out so that the cycle starts all over again. By way of repowering, the generation of electricity can be multiplied with a reduced number of wind turbines.