PNE WIND Group successful in operational business in Germany

  • Looft repowering project (16.5 MW) completed
  • Start of construction of the Gerdau-Schwienau repowering project (21.6 MW)
  • Further permits obtained

Cuxhaven, April 20, 2018 – The companies of the PNE WIND Group are successful in the German wind energy market. The Looft repowering project in Schleswig-Holstein was completed and commissioned as scheduled in the first quarter. In Lower Saxony, the company started the construction of the Gerdau-Schwienau repowering wind farm. Pleasing progress was also made in other projects.

Six Vestas V66 wind turbines were replaced by five Vestas V112 turbines in the Looft wind farm, which was built in 2001 by WKN AG, a member of the PNE WIND Group. Today's turbines with a hub height of 94 meters have a total rated output of 16.5 megawatts. Based on the successful cooperation at that time, the operators of the WKN wind farm now also commissioned the implementation of the repowering project. As a result, the company will achieve a 2.5-fold increase in production in the future. The economic concept was the responsibility of the subsidiary BGZ Fondsverwaltung, which continues to be entrusted with the management and operation of the wind farm. As before, the technical wind farm management remains the responsibility of the PNE WIND subsidiary Energy Consult.

At the same time as the project in Schleswig-Holstein was completed, construction work on the Gerdau-Schwienau wind farm in Lower Saxony began, where six new wind power turbines with a total nominal output of 21.6 MW will be erected. These will replace 13 turbines, which had been erected from 2001 in this wind farm by the PNE WIND Group. Here as well, repowering can significantly increase the level of power generation.

Further operational successes

The PNE WIND Group also achieved further operational success on the German market. The Kittlitz project (Brandenburg) received approval for a total nominal output of 20 megawatts.

In Wangerland, Lower Saxony, the planned construction of a community wind farm is underway. Here, the PNE WIND Group provides services in the areas of project development, construction management and financing. PNE WIND is thus pursuing its strategy of further increasing the share of services. Commissioning is scheduled for mid-2018.

In addition, preparations are underway for participation in the next tender rounds for wind farm projects in Germany.

Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE WIND AG: "The high level of competence in our core business, the development of wind farms, continues to be reflected in operational success. This is particularly evident in the Gerdau-Schwienau project, for which we were awarded a contract in this year's tender and have already started construction. It is also very pleasing that wind farm operators are increasingly securing our competence through services."