PNE AG - Ein Onshore Windpark auf Feldern

PNE AG starts the operation of the 'Boitzenhagen' wind farm in its own portfolio

  • Seven wind turbines with approx. 25 megawatts (MW)
  • Clean wind power for approx. 14,500 households
  • Citizen participation is a part of the project

Cuxhaven, November 17, 2021 - PNE AG, which is internationally active in the development and operation of renewable energy projects, has further expanded its internally operated portfolio of wind farms: The "Boitzenhagen" wind farm developed by PNE with seven wind turbines and a nominal output of approx. 25 MW in the Gifhorn district of Lower Saxony has now been completed and commissioned. As a result, PNE now operates wind farms with approx. 198 MW in its own portfolio.

Environmentally friendly wind power for approx. 14,500 households
Six Vestas V136 wind turbines and one Vestas V126 wind turbine with hub heights of 132 and 137 meters were installed at the wind farm. The total heights of the turbines are approx. 200 metres each. The turbines generate environmentally friendly wind power that can cover the average annual demand of approx. 14,500 households. The electricity will be fed into the transmission grid via the company's own substation, which was also newly built.

Citizens can benefit from electricity cost subsidies
Residents of the surrounding villages will also benefit from the project, since they can receive an electricity cost subsidy. This offer was met with great interest.

PNE further expands its own wind farm portfolio
With the commissioning of the "Boitzenhagen" wind farm, PNE AG has taken a further step towards building up its own wind farm portfolio: At present, wind farms with a nominal capacity of approx. 198 MW are operated by PNE. Further wind farms are under construction. The PNE's own portfolio of wind farms will be expanded to up to 500 MW by 2023.

PNE-Ansprechpartner Alexander Lennemann
Alexander Lennemann