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PNE group: "energy consult" is expanding its international business

  • Operational management for wind farms in France, Sweden and Poland
  • Special focus also on foreign markets in the future

Cuxhaven, August 15, 2019 - By concluding the first contracts for operational management of wind farms in France, Sweden and Poland, "energy consult" succeeded in opening up new markets within a very short time. The service provider, which belongs to the PNE Group, is thus significantly expanding its international business.

In France and Sweden, the enterprise has been managing wind power turbines with a total nominal capacity of 44.4 MW since the beginning of the year. At the end of the year, "energy consult" will also take over operational management for a further capacity of 52 MW in Poland. After the start of operation in 2020, 138.6 MW are planned to be realised in Sweden.

Previously, "energy consult" has been operating in Italy, where it manages wind farms with a total nominal capacity of 122 MW. In addition, the company is in negotiations on the takeover of operational management services for transformer stations in Poland. This means that the company is now active in five European countries.

The company intends, in particular, to focus on the foreign markets in Sweden, Poland and France and to strengthen its international business.

Henning Wegner, Managing Director of "energy consult" GmbH: "The takeover of new wind farm projects in Europe is an excellent opportunity for us to continuously support current wind turbine models and to expand our knowledge in line with the state of the art. We also see great potential, in particular, in electricity production and marketing as well as good opportunities to establish ourselves in neighbouring European markets."

Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE AG: "The increasingly international orientation of PNE Services is also an important component of our future strategy. This supplements very well the international development of renewable energy projects, which PNE currently operates in 14 countries on three continents."

About energy consult:

The Cuxhaven-based company "energy consult" GmbH is a specialist for the economic and technical management of wind farms and transformer stations as well as for their technical inspection. The company, which belongs to the PNE Group, has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. With more than 760 wind power turbines across Europe, the company currently generates an output of around 3,500 GWh and supplies around one million households with electricity. Smooth operation, customised management and proper documentation for the wind farms and all associated components are the core competencies of "energy consult". This also includes the monitoring of transformer and transmission stations, technical inspections as well as the testing and planning of grid connections. The focus is on optimum returns for the customer as well as on financial security and stability, long-term success and the lowest possible economic risk. The various management areas work closely together to achieve the highest possible quality for the customers. "Energy consult" is an active member of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) and the German Association for the Promotion of Wind Energy (FGW).

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