PNE AG - Ein Onshore Windpark auf Feldern

Polish wind farm "Jasna" with 132 MW completed

  • Wind farm developed by the PNE Group for Stadtwerke München supported in the construction phase and completed
  • The wind farm is now one of Poland's largest onshore wind farms

Cuxhaven/Husum, March 23, 2021 - The Polish "Jasna" wind farm with a total nominal capacity of 132 MW has been completed on schedule. WKN GmbH, a company of the PNE Group, took over and carried out the construction management. The wind farm is currently in the testing and commissioning phase. This phase will be completed in the coming months, once all remaining necessary permits for use and concessions have been obtained. The largest onshore project of the PNE Group to date is now also one of the largest Polish wind farms.

On the one hand, the particular structural challenges were the size of the wind farm. The 39 turbines, 22 of which are of the Vestas V126 type with 3.45 MW each and 17 of the Vestas V126 type with 3.3 MW each, were erected with a north-south extension of approx. 17 kilometres. On the other hand, particularly demanding was the connection route to the transformer station, which is approx. 70 kilometres long and crosses two rivers, the Vistula and the Nogat. As part of the 110 kV high-voltage transmission line, about 250 boreholes (microtunneling) had to be created, the longest of which, at almost 1.5 kilometres, crosses under the Vistula river.

The project was developed together with the Polish WKN subsidiary Sevivon Sp. z o.o., which was also involved in the construction supervision services during the construction phase. The wind farm was sold in 2019 to Stadtwerke München (Munich City Utilities) "ready for construction".

"Jasna" is already the second Polish wind farm that the PNE Group completed within one year. In March of last year, the "Barwice" wind farm with a total nominal capacity of 42 MW was commissioned in the north-western part of Poland. Three further Polish projects with a total capacity of 94.8 MW were awarded contracts in tenders at the end of 2019. Two of these projects with 60 MW are already under construction.

Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE AG: "I am pleased that we were able to complete the project on schedule despite the current difficult situation due to COVID-19. Poland has become an important market for us, which we will continue to expand in the future."

PNE-Ansprechpartner Alexander Lennemann
Alexander Lennemann