PNE's largest onshore project to date.

Jasna wind farm.

In November 2018, the Polish PNE subsidiary was awarded the contract for the Jasna project, which is located in a windy location in northern Poland. With a total nominal output of 132 MW, the Jasna wind farm is the largest onshore project realised by the PNE Group to date.

On the one hand, the special construction challenges of this project consisted in the size of the wind farm: 39 turbines with a north-south extension of approx. 17 km. On the other hand, the connection route to the transformer station was particularly demanding, since this is approx. 70 kilometres long and crosses two rivers, the Vistula and the Nogat. As part of the high-voltage transmission line, about 250 boreholes (microtunneling) had to be created, the longest of which, at almost 1.5 kilometres, crosses under the Vistula river.

The project was developed together with the Polish subsidiary Sevivon. PNE Group companies are also involved in the construction phase. The PNE Group also arranged for the sale of the wind farm and sold it ready for construction to Stadtwerke München.

The development of the wind farm "Jasna" in 3 minutes